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Charles Lewis Grant

[See also: Edward Bryant on Charles Grant]

Charles L. Grant Charles L. Grant has been writing for thirty some years now, and in that time he's published over 100 books in various genres, with a number of his novels appearing on the bestseller lists of USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and London Times. His nearly two hundred short stories have been published in anthologies and magazines worldwide. He also edited the award-winning anthology series, Shadows. Other anthologies included Gothic Ghosts (with Wendy Webb), the Gallery of Fear, and the Greystone Bay series.

In 1987 he received the British Fantasy Society's Special Award, for life achievement. In addition, he has received two Nebula Awards and three World Fantasy Awards for his writing and editing. In 2000 he was given the Horror Writers Association's Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2002 he was honored with the Grandmaster Award of the World Horror Convention.

A graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, Grant served two years in Vietnam. He is a past officer of the Science Fiction Writers of America, served ten years on the Board of Directors of the World Fantasy Awards, and is a past president and trustee of the Horror Writers Association. He shares his Victorian home in northwestern New Jersey with his writer/editor wife, Kathryn Ptacek, five cats, and a lot of cobwebs and a few earwigs. Currently he is at work on a dark fantasy novel.

(Note: Original publication dates only; reprints not listed)
  • A. Novels:
    • Dark Fantasy
      • The Curse Manor (77)
      • The Hour Of The Oxrun Dead Doubleday (78)
      • The Sound Of Midnight Doubleday (79)
      • The Last Call of Mourning Doubleday (79)
      • The Grave Popular Library (81)
      • The Bloodwind Popular Library (82)
      • The Nestling Pocket Books (82)
      • The Soft Whisper of the Dead Donald M Grant (85)
      • Night Songs Pocket Books (84)
      • The Tea Party Pocket Books (85)
      • The Dark Cry of the Moon Donald M Grant (86)
      • The Pet Tor (86)
      • The Long Night of the Grave Donald M Grant (86)
      • For Fear of the Night Tor (88)
      • In A Dark Dream Tor (89)
      • Stunts Tor (90)
      • Fire Mask (YA) Bantam (91)
      • Something Stirs Tor (91)
      • Raven Tor (93)
      • Jackals Tor (94)
      • X-Files: Goblins Harper (94)
      • X-Files: Whirlwind Harper (95)
      • Millennium Quartet #1: Symphony Tor (97)
      • Watcher (World of Darkness) Harper (97)
      • Millennium Quartet #2: In The Mood Tor (98)
      • Black Oak: Genesis ROC (98)
      • Black Oak: The Hush of Dark Wings ROC (98)
      • Millennium Quartet #3: Chariot Tor (99)
      • Black Oak: Winter Knight ROC (99)
      • Millennium Quartet #4: Riders in the Sky Tor (99)
      Science Fiction
      • The Shadow of Alpha Berkley (76)
      • Ascension Berkley (77)
      • Ravens of the Moon Doubleday (78)
      • Legion Berkley (79)
      • A Quiet Night of Fear Berkley (81)
      As "Geoffrey Marsh"
      • The King of Satan's Eyes Doubleday (85)
      • The Tail of the Arabian, Knight Doubleday (86)
      • The Patch of the Odin Soldier Doubleday (87)
      • The Fangs of the Hooded Demon Tor (88)
      • Hudson Hawk (novelization) Berkley (91)
      As "Lionel Fenn"
      • Blood River Down Tor (86)
      • Web of Defeat Tor (87)
      • Agnes Day Tor (87)
      • The Seven Spears of the W'dch'ck Tor (88)
      • The Really Ugly Thing From Mars Ace (90)
      • The Reasonably Invisible Man Ace (91)
      • The Once and Future Thing Ace (91)
      • Mark of the Moderately Vicious Vampire Ace (92)
      • 668, the Neighbor of the Beast Ace (92)
      • Once Upon A Time in the East Ace (93)
      • By The Time I Get To Nashville Ace (94)
      • Time, The Semi-Final Frontier Ace (94)
      As "Simon Lake"
      • Daughter of Darkness Bantam (92)
      • Something's Watching Bantam (93)
      • Death Cycle Bantam (93)
      • He Told Me To Bantam (93)
      • The Forever House Berkley (95)
      • Shapes Berkley (95)
      • Death Scream Berkley (95)
      • The Clown Berkley (95)
      As "Felicia Andrews"
      • Riverrun Jove (79)
      • Riverwitch Jove (79)
      • Mountainwitch Jove (80)
      • Moonwitch Jove (80)
      • Seacliffe Jove (84)
      • Silver Huntress Jove (84)
      • The Velvet Hart Jove (85)
      As "Deborah Lewis"
      • Voices Out of Time Zebra (77)
      • Eve of the Hound Zebra (77)
      • Kirkwood Fires Zebra (78)
      • The Wind At Winter's End Zebra (79)
      Notes on Novels:
      1. The Hour of the Oxrun Dead, The Sound of Midnight, The Last Call of Mourning, The Nestling, The Pet, and In A Dark Dream were all nominated for the World Fantasy Award in the Best Novel category.
      2. In A Dark Dream was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in the Outstanding Achievement, Novel, category.
      3. The Pet, a lead hardcover from Tor, has been optioned for motion pictures, and was nominated for Best Novel by the British Fantasy Society.
      4. Goblins and Whirlwind were #1 bestsellers in Great Britain and Germany, and in the top ten of several major lists, including USA Today, in the US.
      5. The Donald M Grant publications are an historical series of old-fashioned dark fantasies, in limited illustrated editions.
      6. Most of the Dark Fantasy novels have now appeared in British, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Italian editions.
  • B. Collections:
  • Tales from the Nightside Arkham House (81)
  • A Glow Of Candles Berkley (81)
  • Nightmare Seasons Doubleday (82)
  • The Orchard Tor (86)
  • Dialing The Wind Tor (89)
  • The Black Carousel Tor (95)
  • A Quiet Way To Scream Cemetery Dance Pub. (96)
    Notes on Collections:
    1. Tales from the Nightside was nominated for the World Fantasy Award.
    2. Nightmare Seasons *received the World Fantasy Award* for Best Collection.
    3. Dialing The Wind was nominated for the World Fantasy Award.
  • C. Anthologies:
  • Shadows 1 Doubleday (78)
  • Shadows 2 Doubleday (79)
  • Nightmares Playboy (80)
  • Shadows 3 Doubleday (80)
  • Horrors Playboy (81)
  • Shadows 4 Doubleday (81)
  • Terrors Playboy (82)
  • Shadows 5 Doubleday (82)
  • Fears Berkley (83)
  • Shadows 6 Doubleday (83)
  • Shadows 7 Doubleday (84)
  • Gallery of Horror Dodd, Mead ( )
  • Midnight Tor (85)
  • Shadows 8 Doubleday (85)
  • After Midnight Tor (86)
  • Greystone Bay Tor (85)
  • Shadows 9 Doubleday (86)
  • Greystone Bay 2 Tor (87)
  • Shadows 10 Doubleday (87)
  • The Best of Shadows Doubleday (88)
  • Greystone Bay 3 Tor (90)
  • Final Shadows Bantam (91)
  • Greystone Bay 4 Tor (93)
  • Gothic Ghosts (w/Wendy Webb) Tor (96)
    Notes on Anthologies:
    1. Shadows 1 *received the World Fantasy Award* for Best Anthology.
    2. Shadows 2-7, Final Shadows, Nightmares, Gallery of Horror, and Horrors were all nominated for the World Fantasy Award.
    3. Over a dozen stories in these anthologies have been nominated for the World Fantasy and Bram Stoker Awards. Five have won. Many more have been chosen for inclusion in Best of the Year anthologies and/or have been produced on television.
    4. Most anthologies have appeared in British, Dutch, Spanish, and German editions.

  • D. Short Stories:
    1. Published over 150 in all major genre magazines and anthologies, with translations in most European markets.
    2. Over two dozen have been nominated for science fiction and fantasy awards.
    3. "Confess the Seasons" *received the World Fantasy Award* for Best Novella.
    4. "A Crowd of Shadows" *received the Nebula Award* for Best Short Story.
    5. "A Glow of Candles, A Unicorn's Eye" *received the Nebula Award* for Best Novelette.
    6. "A Crowd of Shadows" was optioned by NBC-TV for a television movie.
    7. "Temperature Days On Hawthorne Street" was adapted for television's Tales From the Darkside.



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