The Award

In 2002 (for the 2001 award year), the International Horror Guild Award underwent a radical re-design. It is now a black acrylic self-standing plaque about seven inches high, five inches wide and an inch thick. The triple edge of the tombstone-shaped award has a faux granite finish. A Florentine winged-dog gargoyle is reverse-engraved on the plaque along with the year, pertinent category and recipient details. (See image at right.)

In its first year, Neil Gaiman dubbed the IHG Award "The Lynda" as it was "a dog with Wings." If you do not understand the reference, we won't explain it. Let it suffice to say the nickname has now been dropped as a gesture of respect of for the dead. Other suggestions for a nickname include "The Gargoyle" or "The Iggy" [I(H)ggy].

The new design is carried through to the Living Legend Award, seen here in the hands of honoree William F. Nolan. It is slightly larger (6"X8") than the regular award and made of clear colorless acrylic rather than the black opaque. The triple edges and engraving have a frosted appearance.

Both versions continue the tradition of the gargoyle as a symbol of the IHG. The older design (see photo right) consisted of the-winged dog gargoyle mounted on a black base that bore a plaque inscribed with appropriate data. Although handsome they required considerable putting-together-of-pieces at the last moment as the bases plaques came from one source and the statuettes came from another source. The plaque had to be mounted on the base and then the gargoyle affixed to the base. They were also difficult to ship or pack in a suitcase. Although an occasional wingtip was damaged, this version did solve a previous problem. The original International Horror [Critics] Guild Award (left) was a simply a statuette of a Florentine winged-dog gargoyle (also known as the Florentine Watchdog or the Flying Dog). They were somewhat fragile and overseas recipients unfortunately often got packages full of nothing but shards. Cats were known to bat them off mantles to their ultimate doom.

Ed Bryant

(Left) Ed Bryant, Living Legend (1996) and Master of Ceremonies (Denver 2000)
(Below) MC Andy Hallett (Atlanta 2001) and Living Legend Alice Cooper (2001) Photo by Photo by J.D. Casey).

Andy Hallett/Alice Cooper
Rain Graves

(Above) Rain Graves with "new" award (accepting for David J. Schow, Chicago 2002)

IHG Awards
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