About Jack Cady

Jack Cady served with the Coast Guard in Maine, then earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Cady spent much of his life in a variety of jobs including those of truck driver, auctioneer, college professor, and landscaper. In 1965, he won the "Atlantic Monthly's" Atlantic First Award for his short story, "The Burning," which has now been republished more than 50 times. Cady claimed that award was a fluke, but his fiction continued to receive accolades. His novella, "The Night We Buried Road Dog," won both the Nebula and Bram Stoker awards, and was nominated for a World Fantasy Award and a Hugo. He received the World Fantasy Award in 1993 for his collection, The Sons of Noah and Other Stories (Broken Moon Press). Cady's nine published novels include The Off Season (St. Martin's, 1996) and The hauntings of Hood Canal (St. Martin's, 2001) His nonfiction book, Th American Writer: Shaping a Nation's Mind (St. Martin's) was published in 1999. His most recent collection is Ghosts of Yesterday (Night Shade, 2003). A condensed bibliography for Jack Cady can be found at the Night Shade Books site as well as a personal remembrance from Jeremy Lassen. Obituaries are posted here and here