About Everett F. Bleiler

Everett F. Bleiler laid much of the original foundation of the modern analysis and criticism of fantastic literature with his 1948 publication of The Checklist of Fantastic Literature: A Bibliography of Fantasy, Weird and Science Fiction Books Published in The English Language. He furthered his research with The Guide to the Supernatural (1983). As editor of the two-volume Supernatural Fiction Writers:Fantasy and Horror (1985), Bleiler added further insight into the field. At Dover Publications, from 1955 to his retirement in 1977, he compiled many books, but his particular contribution may be the rediscovery and republication of significant Victorian works of the supernatural. His introductions to many collections and anthologies of horror and dark fantasy are epitomes of scholarship and an abiding love for such work. Bleiler's expertise in and criticism of horror literature has substantially influenced our definition of what horror is. He was recognized in 1984 for his service to science fiction with the Pilgrim Award and similarly acclaimed in the field of fantasy as a whole by the World Fantasy Convention in 1978 (Professional) and again in 1988 with a Life Achievement Award. The International Horror Guild is grateful for this opportunity to specifically honor Everett F. Bleiler for his many contributions to horror field -- recognition that is long overdue. A partial bibliography can be found at http:// isfdb.tamu.edu/cgi-bin/ae.cgi?Everett_F._Bleiler